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Licensing, Business Development & IP Strategy

With nearly three decades of experience in licensing, business development, technology transfer and IP strategy, LIPSA can work through your challenges, break them down into manageable elements and develop a set of solutions that make sense for your business.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Technology and Patent Licensing
  • Technology Transfer Programs
  • Standards Insertion Strategy
  • Portfolio Planning and Valuation
  • Training
  • Business Modeling
  • Patent Committee Operations
  • Awards & Recognition

Our IP Strategy Programs are custom-built to meet the objectives of your business.

We use a Statement of Work (“SoW”) process to collaboratively work with you in defining what needs to be done. With our four core programs below, we expand the SoW to include elements from our other Practice Areas as needed or reduce the scope if your business needs are less.

Portfolio Assessment

Our Portfolio Assessment includes a review of your company’s patent portfolio, development of a descriptive taxonomy and asset classification, business alignment and leverage opportunities. We explain how your organization’s IP assets are organized, how those assets can be effectively turned into new business opportunities and what internal adjustments may have to be made to realize those opportunities. For new programs, this is a very important first step in successful messaging, building program awareness and creating quick wins.

Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis includes a high level analysis of selected companies in regards to their IP activity and how that aligns with your company’s interests. This may be extended to include recommendations for IP asset acquisition candidates. This is typically used to position a desired company against others for the purposes of a management discussion on IP investment strategy.

Value Extraction

The results from the Portfolio Assessment and Competitive Analysis are used to identify the portions of your company’s patent portfolio that are key to a specific field of technology or are no longer of strategic value. These portions are valued using generally accepted principles and if appropriate, may be developed into a monetization program. This is typically used to create new revenue streams from underutilized assets, extract residual value from an obsolete portfolio or eliminate cost from an overweight portfolio.

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management assessment includes a business analysis and review of your internal knowledge management processes. This may include knowledge system enhancements or procurement, rewards & recognition development, IP training, directed/advanced inventing and mentor program development. The results of our Knowledge Management assessment are used as the basis for a plan to improve both the quantity and quality of the internal inventing & disclosure vetting processes.


We are often asked:

"Can you help me make sense of this license or advise me on the best way to handle a difficult set of negotiations?"

If desired, Licensing & IP Solutions Associates can be a part of your extended team during negotiations and can provide real-time advice and suggestions as negotiations unfold. We are business professionals who specialize in intellectual property matters and can offer you insights regarding how IP can best be used to further your business interests.